Canva Expert Course Online Download

Canva Expert Course Online Download

Are you wanting to produce high quality deisgns for your business?


Are you wanting a network of stock images to use?


Not feeling you can afford a designer?


Would love to create your own business card, leaflet and social media designs?


This free software really can take your busines to the next level, you just have to learn how.


We take you through the process from set up, to branding and design with this online course.


Change the way you are posting on social media and create professional infographics without waiting for designers and paying hefty fees.


Giving you step by step guides to take away and learn on the day including a complete E Book and video guide.


Even if you are currently using the software this will give you additional tips and tricks on creating that perfect social post or banner.


Laura is a Canva Pro Expert, so will show you how to use this software and all of its functionalities.


What do you get in the download pack?


-Guided tutorial video

-Demo Tutorial

-Presentation to follow